• Roofing Replacement Project


A Frame Home Services believes in providing the best roofing service to our customers. A Frame offers roof replacement and repairs for both residential and commercial roofs: asphalt shingle roofs (all types), metal roofs, torch down roofing, TPO, and more. We’re insurance claim specialists, experienced in maximizing the value of your claim when providing a like-in-kind replacement for your storm-damaged property. Hail, tornadoes, high wind shear, or other weather-related occurrences will damage your roof or the exterior of your home, with A Frame Home Services “you’re covered”.

Replacement Vs. Repair

If a repair to your roof is an option to avoid costly replacement, we will be the first to recommend this option. When a roof repair would be your best bet for leaks and/or minor damages caused by adverse weather, falling limbs, or natural wear; we would prefer to keep your roof coverings out of the landfill and save you money. However, depending on when your home was built, a patch job might be best for your roof when looking at the big picture. Let us help you make the best decision. The benefit of a full roof replacement would be to increase the value of your home, improve the overall aesthetic, and grant you piece-of-mind for twenty-five to fifty years, depending on the product selected

Roofing Replacement


A Frame Home Services specializes in roof replacement. We ensure that our roof installs are as efficient as they are thorough. Through the entire process, we maintain an open line of communication with our clients at every stage. We also offer gutter installation, upgraded ventilation such as ridge and soffit vents, powered vents, solar vents, gable vents, sky lights and solar tubes and any other improvements your roof could use.




Many factors can lead to roof damage (gusty winds, poor weather conditions, overgrown trees or falling limbs...) For these repair issues, we’ve got you covered.


    "I cannot say enough how they have turn my home around and it's brand new almost. I was telling my husband how unfair it is that our house is better looking than when we moved in. I should have contacted them 7 years ago."

    -Sue Z, Yelp